Monday, October 29, 2007

"Crucible" Weekend by

I made my way to San Diego over the weekend to host the pre-party for The Crucible, a three-day marine/porn event with parties that literally never stopped.
The "newsworthy" items of what went down over the weekend are here on the "News Desk."
A more personal account of my weekend in San Diego hanging with the boys and getting to know all the people involved in the event can be read in the "Diary".
So without further ado, here are the "newsworthy" highlights:
- was thrown by Steve Pena and his business partner, Nicholas di Simas. Pena and his boyfriend, gay porn superstar Brent Everett, are staples of the San Diego club scene, hosting successful events on a regular basis but never an affair quite this large and certainly never a weekend-long party.
- Steve Pena also happens to be Mr. Gay San Diego and is now in the running for the statewide competition. You have a couple more days to vote for him here: (...Please go do so as a favor to me!)
- There was a bit of a mishap in the scheduling for the pre-party. They booked it for Bourbon Street at 6:00 pm and it took me a good fifteen minutes of looking around the bar before I realized everyone in there was a girl who looked more masculine than most of the men I've fucked. It was lesbian night. And here I was getting ready to interview half-naked men and giveaway gay porn. Lovely. All very Kathy Griffin.
- I was called a few minutes later and told that we were going to "hold off" on the pre-party festivities and have dinner next door first. Before bolting the bar, I greeted the four people there to actually see me and told them I would be back. Believe it or not, they actually stayed. More on that later.
- Brent and Steve are sporting engagement rings at the moment with a wedding set for the summer of 2008. It turns out, they met while Steve was stationed on base. Brent snuck into the barracks and stayed with him for four days. Needless to say, it was love at first... well, something. Regardless, they seem very much in love and genuinely the best of friends.
- We finally did a very short and sweet show at Bourbon Street around 8:30 pm where the hottest of the hot, drag queen Chad Michaels performed along with a live performance from singer Amuka and an interview with gay porn star Brent Everett. ...All for a crowd of lesbians and the four people who came to see me. I could do nothing but get up there and shout, "Scream if you love VAGINAAAAAA!"
- Unfortunately, after the big to do I made in my column, it turns out the other Brent -- Brent Corrigan -- was unable to come to my pre-party. Director Dink Flamingo had asked me if I needed product to giveaway and since his movies are all military themed and happen to be the hottest I've ever seen, of course I jumped at the opportunity. And when Dink told me he would be having Brent Corrigan bring them over in person, I jumped even higher to know that he would be making an impromptu appearance at my event. ... None of us, however, took into account that for the next few days Brent is still only 20 years old. And if you think there's any doorman, bouncer or security guard in the entire city of San Diego who doesn't already know that, let me correct that little misnomer.
- MTV was following Brent and Steve around for a documentary all evening. It made it very difficult for anyone to speak to them and even more difficult for them to get things done, but fortuntaely Nicholas had everything under control and the evening went off as planned with a line down the block to get in the place to see Corrigan, Amuka, Flava and more.
- Corrigan also didn't get to perform for very long at Rich's. By the time he decided to get up and do his set, an announcer came on and started introducing a live performance from Amuka. Corrigan bolted. But certainly made the most of his time on stage and was flocked by boys for the rest of the night. The highlight for me though was some guy randomly running up to him and saying, "I totally thought you were Zack Effron, dude!" ... Yes. Zack Effron. Running around club Rich's. ...In a jock strap. That'll happen soon.
I also attended the house party the next day as it was winding down and saw the circuit party at Club Montage where Brent Everett did a live performance on stage. For more on these events and a personal retelling of my weekend in San Diego getting to know Brent, Steve and the gang, check out the upcoming "Diary" entry.
In all, Steve, Nicholas and Brent really pulled it off. It was an incredible weekend and while probably stressful for all of them, somehow very fun for all of us performers involved! I can't wait to have Brent Everett on some of my shows in early November. Look for an announcement about that in the coming days.

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