Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crystal Waters Headlines "RAW" @ LA PRIDE Saturday JUNE 9th

Crytal Waters Headlines the Steve Pena Productions/Jeffrey Sanker Special Event in LA June 9th for RAW @ The Factory Night club in the heart of West Hollywood. The party goes from 9pm till 5am.

Address: 652 N. La Peer Dr West Hollywood and

Advance Tickets are $30 online at or at the LA Sport Club

Crystal Waters' Video "My Time"

Crystal Waters' Video "100% Pure Love"

Crystal Waters' Video "Destination Unknown"

Crystal Waters' LIVE singing "Destination Unknown"

Kim English & Zhana Sanders bring performances San Diego will never forget!

Chicago-based house vocalist Kim English has scored several hit singles in both the US and UK club/dance charts, including her first single "Nite Life," on which she collaboarated with former Ten City members Byron Burke and Byron Stingily. Remixes by Armand Van Helden and Masters At Work secured her reputation as a sensual yet spiritual singer, and singles such as "I Know a Place" and "Time For Love" both reached the top 40 of the UK's pop chart. Her albums for Nervous Records, which include Learn 2 Love, Higher Things and 2000's Re-Energized, found her working with other house luminaries such as Junior Vasquez, Razor N Guido, Wamdue Project, Boris & Beck and many others. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide
Video Below: Kim English@ MMN

"Zhana Sanders"
Zhana began her career as a trained classical dancer, eventually landing her first professional gigs doing backup dancing for various recording artists. This was followed with an opportunity to sing background vocals on work with various major recording artists, session work on commercials and beyond. Also a well rounded songwriter, Zhana was eventually approached by producers who began developing projects for her as a solo artist. Zhana's club hits as a solo artist include Body Fly, Love Dominates and the chart topping smash Alegria (produced by Tony Moran).

Now a well respected and sought after dance artist in her own right, Zhana says "I have always loved a variety of music, however I dont feel that as an artist I should be limited to mastering one aspect of my talent. Dance music is what allows me to dance and carry on and use the dance training that made me who I am today." When it comes to music, Zhana is known as an artist that teaches, touches and simply makes the soul feel good. Live performances by Zhana include choreographed dancers and beautiful costuming bringing alive her music on stage at clubs around the world, from New York to Rio. So travel inside her world and allow Zhana to share her personal story and passions all set to music. Video Below: Zhana @ MMN

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brent Everett Headlines with Crystal Waters Sat June 9th @ RAW (LA PRIDE 2007)

Brent Everett is a Canadian gay pornographic model. He has appeared in pornographic films for a variety of studios in the United States.

Everett is one of the most sought-after young male porn stars of the early 2000s. Since his first performances in early 2003, Everett has been in over fourteen productions for a wide range of studios.

In his early work Brent was classified by studios as a twink; however, more recently he has become too muscular to comfortably fit within this term.

Everett has not signed as an "exclusive" for any of the major porn studios, as a lot of other actors have. This has allowed him to switch from one major porn company to the next. He appeared as the centerfold model in Freshmen magazine's September 2003 issue also winning the title "Freshmen Of The Year", and has had a lot of appearances as a model in Playguy magazine.

To further extend his career in porn, Everett opened his own subscription website in late 2004, ( offering video streams, image downloads, live web cam shows, and an online shop. Live web cam shows are available for playback at a later date, and in many of these, Brent uses his spit to lubricate himself. In addition, he set up his own distribution company under the name of Triple X Studios for which he stars in and directs movies.

In August 2006, Channel 1 Releasing announced that Everett will appear in three new movies for Chi Chi LaRue: Sized Up, Starting Young, and Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3

In 2007 his starring role in the DVD "Sized Up" was nominated at the GayVN Awards.

Also look out this year for changes to his personal website It will be re-launched with major additions and features. Video of Brent Everett @ Military Madness Night BELOW.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Super Sexy DJ Joe Gauthreaux commands the floor for "RAW" @ LA Pride

Every time he steps into the DJ booth, Gauthreaux forges a path through a diverse musical landscape, guiding throngs of party-goers through peaks and valleys of soulful funk, progressive rhythms, tribal drums, disco house, and melodic, driving trance. Gauthreaux has made the trip countless times, though he never takes the same road twice; each outing behind the turntables represents an excursion into uncharted territory, and those of us on his dance floor trust Gauthreaux's keen instincts.

It's a consistency the disc jockey attributes to thorough preparation. Gauthreaux regularly spends dozens of hours every week meticulously scouring (online) record shop shelves for the latest cutting-edge tracks and poring through (virtual) record bins for rare, overlooked classics. His tastes reach far and wide, making him one of the most versatile DJs on the scene today.

But the journey of Joe Gauthreaux goes far beyond his stewardship in the booth; for Gauthreaux, life is a journey, and, much like his DJ sets, it is intriguing, emotional, and unpredictable.

Gauthreaux debuted on the decks in 1996, quickly earning the respect of his peers after garnering resident status at New Orleans hot spot Oz. His all-encompassing sets soon caught the attention of out-of-towners, and it was only a matter of time before Gauthreaux was being imported by clubs across the U.S., in addition to international venues throughout Canada and beyond. The incomparable versatility of his sound immediately endeared him to the circuit culture where he remains a top draw, spinning high profile events such as Black & Blue in Montreal, Cherry in D.C. and Toronto Gay Pride, just to name a few. In 2002, his skyrocketing prominence in the scene prompted Centaur Records to offer Gauthreaux his first CD compilation, Party Groove: Blue Ball, and his high profile led to his ongoing tenure as a reporter for Billboard Magazine.

In 2003, Gauthreaux found himself at a crossroads: He had reached his full potential in New Orleans, and New Yorks thriving DJ culture seemed ripe with opportunity. But nothing is guaranteed in the Big Apple, and relocating would mean sacrificing all he had worked for in the Big Easy. Nonetheless, Gauthreaux selected the road less traveledand it proved a wise choice. Within a few years, he was playing at esteemed locales such as Lotus, Spirit, Roxy, Avalon, Pacha, and Fire Islands iconic Pavilion. Of course, his journeys abroad continue thanks to his regular appearances in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, as well as Parade in his native New Orleans and SBNY in his present home of New York City.

And so Gauthreaux continues onward, traveling the world and delving into new, unexplored musical terrain. Its anybodys guess where his journey will lead, but if Joe Gauthreaux's life is anything like his DJ sets, its sure to be one hell of a trip. Video of Joe Below:

Crystal Waters Headlines "RAW" @ LA PRIDE Saturday JUNE 9th

"Gypsy Woman" became a worldwide hit, memorable for it's la da dee la dee da refrainBillboard Hot 100, found even more success in Europe, and reaching #2 on The UK Singles Chart. The track was also parodied in the memorable sketch "My Songs Are Mindless" (Performed by Kim Wayans) on the television series In Living Color in 1991. Wayans skewered the songs simple rhythm and melody by singing "There goes Fred Flinstone. I got a song there, got another song there: Yabba Dabba Doo Yabba Dabba Da, Yabba Dabba Doo Yabba Dabba Da...". The clip from the comedy show would sometimes show up mixed into Water's own composition at Gay clubs with video screens. Despite all the humorous jabs (and some serious derision as well), the song seems destined to be one of the imnmortal House Music hits. Scarcely a year after its release, a new version turned up on the "Red Hot + Dance" AIDS fundraiser disc (1992, distributed by Sony Music), getting its remixer (Joey Negro) his first real taste of American exposure. and often sampled keyboard riff. The track reached #8 on the

Despite some additional contributions by remixer Steve "Silk" Hurley, Waters' next releases were promoted only in the dance music markets, but she made an unexpected comeback in 1994 when "100% Pure Love" hit #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the longest charting singles on the Hot 100 at 45 weeks ("Gypsy Woman" remained on the chart for an average 16 weeks).

Her 1997 self-titled album included another Top 40 US hit, "Say...If You Feel Alright," but mainstream success in the US has since eluded her. However, Waters remains successful on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with recent hits like "Come On Down" and "My Time." (Both of which went #1 US dance, the latter making top 40 in the UK). "Gypsy Woman's" keyboard-chord was recently sampled on rapper T.I.'s 2006 mega-hit "Why You Wanna". Waters performed at various gay pride events across the US in 2006.

In 2007 her track "Destination Calabria" hit the Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart. Waters is rumoured to be working on new material. Crystal Waters Headlines for Steve Pena Productions, promoter for the very popular "Military Madness Night", and Jeffrey Sanker in LA for "RAW" Saturday June 9th for LA PRIDE 2007. Video BELOW.

Steve Pena Productions goes to LA with Jeffrey Sanker @ LA PRIDE!