Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Go Go boys might look familiar

We have had some of the cutest boys dance for us all last year. Was it the nature of our event? Was it the fact that my site was sponsoring it? I don't know, but looks like these go go boys took it to the next level and good for them.

It's great seeing all the boys we hand picked to dance for us end up in the adult film industry. Shows we have a good eye;-) So we'll take it as a compliment. Military Madness Night was also the only event that had both Me & Brent Corrigan working together again. Granted, it was only to dance but for many fans it was a great treat.

If you boys think you got what it takes to model, go HERE & fill out the modeling form. Don't forget to send pics separately.

Spencer Kendall

Porn Star Brent Corrigan (special guest dancer)

Casey "12 inch" Wood & Jesse Drake

Aaron King

Ace with 2 other Dirk Yates Models

Porn Star Ashton Ryan (a guest, not a dancer)

There is more, but I think this post went too long. I'll continue soon in the future. These parties really shouldn't be missed. You never know who will pop up;-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Mililtary Night R Back!

San Diego has a new way to kick start their Friday nights. F.U.B.A.R. is a miliary acronym meaning fucked up beyond recognition. We expect most of you will end up this way once the night is over;-) We hope to see you guys Friday Feb 15th at 7pm. It's Urban Mo's so you know it's gonna be rocking. They'll be unveiling their new Dance Floor, lighting & Sound system and count (15) HD TV's.
Justice Paige is hosting, they'll be military boys, go go boys, & DJ TAJ spinning. So it's gonna be hot. Come and bring a friend. We don't care where you end up, only where you begin. We want you starting with us;-)