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Brent Everett performs in MOSCOW, RUSSIA

About the Video:

I love traveling and seeing new places and this past year we've been all over the map. I had never been as far as Russia but when the opportunity presented itself, Steve & I jumped at it. People have their misconceptions of Russia and still associate it with "The Cold War" etc. Everyone we knew was worried and nervous about us going. All I can say is everyone was WRONG! Moscow is an amazing city with friendly people, beautiful churches, great museums and amazing architecture.

Democracy is only 10 years old in Russia, but wow have they come far. This city is not poor like many people believe. Moscow is growing faster than it ever has. It is true that it's safer for gay guys not to hold hands out in public, but oh well, they still have many different gay clubs, bars etc.

We stayed with 2 very good friends of ours named Igor & Borris. These boys sure knew how to make us feel at home and how to throw a party. I danced at this Club called VII (Seven) which was very trendy. Everyone was very nice and I was treated with the up most respect. The video speaks for itself. Check it out and let me know what you think. I don't know how long it will stay on youtube, but there is also a video on

Moscow was Amazing and we plan on going back in the future.

Have a great and safe holiday from all of us here at MMN

Sgt Bob's Birthday Party

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Steve Pena wins Most Popular at the Mr. Gay 2008 Competition

Brent Everett Wins International Pornstar of the Year 2007

This years winner of the international pornstar of the year 2007 under 27 years is
porn superstar Brent Everett, the youngest, hottest pornboy ever seen!!!

Brent Everett wins the award from, The B I G G E S T gay internet award in the world!


Read more from the site

Monday, October 29, 2007

MR. GAY USA 2008 by


HOLLYWOOD, CA– (Oct. 27, 2007) Jonathan "JT" Taylor from San Francisco, California was named U.S. Mr. Gay 2008, beating out nineteen other contestants from around the nation. The 3rd Annual U.S. Mr. Gay Competition National Finale and Awards Gala was held at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood. Taylor, 27, will now move on to represent the United States at the International Mr. Gay Competition Grand Finale, which will be held at the same location in January.

Taylor wowed the judges and the crowd with his stage presence, charm, intelligence and eye catching physique. The U.S.A. finals included a three-day series of indoor/outdoor physical competitions, public appearances, photo shoots and judge’s interviews.

“It was a very close contest between an extraordinary group of men and all the contestants were excellent,” said Don Spradlin, founder of the Mr. Gay Competition. “JT is an exemplary person and we’re thrilled to have him represent the U.S. in January at the world’s eyes are focused on Hollywood for the International Mr. Gay Competition.”

The first runner up spot was awarded to Mr. Green Bay, Josh Roberts, and the second runner up spot went to Derek B. Moates of Birmingham, AL. The award for Mr. Congeniality was given to Shar DeVon of Chicago, an honor voted on by the contestants themselves.

With the tagline “because gay is not a stereotype,” the U.S. Mr. Gay Competition searches beyond looks to identify one man with the individualism and charisma to serve as a successful role model in challenging gay stereotypes. The winner serves as an Ambassador for the Noble Beast Foundation’s mission, which is to confront homophobia and challenge the gay stereotype through appearances and events such as the Competition.

The other Award winners during the evening’s Gala included Birmingham’s Derek B. Moates, who won several Awards including Swimwear, Mr. Photogenic and 2nd Runner Up for US Mr. Gay.
Chicago’s Shar DeVon won Mr. Congeniality (voted on by other contestants). By having 28,000 votes cast, San Diego’s Steve Pena won the Mr. Popularity (on-line voting) Award. All of the Award winners received a beautiful wallet valued at over $400 from designer Charles Lapson. The cash prizes donated by Eric Butter of Australia included a $5000 Award to the new US Mr. Gay, JT Taylor, and a $2000 Award to Swimwear winner Derek Moates.
All of the contestants received a gift package of care products from Sircuit Cosmeseuticals, a swimsuit from Andrew Christian and a leather luggage tag with a value of $90 from designer Charles Lapson.
The Honorees at the Awards Gala included California Assemblyman, Mark Leno, who received the HERO Award from Palm Springs Mayor Ron Oden. Both Mark Leno and Mayor Ron Oden were judges during the very first Mr. Gay Competition in Palm Springs in 2005.
One of the highlights of the evening was a dance number choreographed by RED Savage that featured MC Alec Mapa as the “Dancing Queen” with backup featuring the 20 US Finalists in 1970’s garb. The colorful number was one of only several highlights in the evening’s entertaining stage show directed by Associate Producer John Michael Beck.
The US Mr. Gay Competition was produced by the Noble Beast Foundation as a benefit for Lifeworks Mentoring and the Finalists goal of raising $5000 for the beneficiary was surpassed with a current donation announced at the Awards Gala of $12,000 and donations are still coming in from the 20 US City Finalist’s efforts. The other HERO Award was for the service provided by Lifeworks Mentoring and their dedicated team of volunteers. Accepting the Noble Beast Foundation’s HERO Award for community service was Board members Chip Sullivan and Walter Hubert along with Executive Director Michael Ferrera.

The Crucible: Day 1 by Angel of

While some of my colleagues here at JUB are in Berlin attending the annual Hustlaball, I opted to stay a little bit closer to home and head on down to San Diego to attend The Crucible circuit party, which is produced by Steve Pena Productions (in cooperation with Nick DiSimas Entertainment). Steve Pena (also known as Mr. Gay San Diego) is the boyfriend of gay porn superstar Brent Everett. It's a military theme (since there is such a large military presence in San Diego and Steve is ex-military himself). The opening night party on Friday night was called The Brig, and it was held at Rich's. DJ Joe Gauthreaux (who is ridiculously cute, I mean seriously, what is with all these DJs nowadays being so damn HOT??) spun the tunes. Brent Corrigan headlined and danced in see-through black briefs. There was some worry that he might not show up, as he voiced trepidations in his blog and also is recovering from a knee injury. But he was there with his boyfriend Grant Roy and did a great job onstage, and signed autographs for fans afterward. Brent Everett and Steve Pena spent time in the VIP section of the club, and were being followed around all night by a camera crew from MTV. Also in attendance was gay porn star Jayden Holloway and popular blogger DeWayne. There was a live performance by dance diva Amuka (singing her anthem "You Don't Appreciate Me") and also by drag queen Flava (doing the same routine that he did at the White Party Las Vegas T-Dance). After that event was over, the party headed over to the Bacchus House for afterhours. In an interesting twist, Jayden did not go to the afterhours event, but his ex-boyfriend, gay porn star Brant Moore, did. (Those two have had quite the tempestuous past here in San Diego, all played out in the public eye). With no drama, both events turned out great.

Saturday has two events, one headlined by Mr. Everett, and you will read the full recap of it here!

The Brents rock San Diego! by

Gay porn twink royalty Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan will headline two different nights of the upcoming Crucible-themed Military Madness Night in San Diego. The three-day event, from October 19th to the 21st, is a benefit for SLDN, an organization that is fighting the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy banning gays from the military. There promises to be plenty of "gay and semi-straight men in uniform, and the men and women who love them" there. Mr. Everett is headling on the 20th, with Mr. Corrigan headlining on the 19th.
Gay Porn News

By Angel of Editor and Chief

The Crucible: Day 3 by

Sunday was the last day of events in San Diego for the Crucible circuit party. Casting a haze over the final day (literally) was a cloud of smoke. That day no fewer than ELEVEN wildfires (most of which were in San Diego County) were started in Southern California, turning the sky a murky brown. The first event was called the Hazing Party and was at a rooftop restaurant (the Top Of The Park) atop the Park Manor Hotel. DJ Taj spun while guests danced and drank and enjoyed a 360 degree view of the city of San Diego. The Brents took the day off, but both of their boyfriends (Grant Roy and Steve Pena, pictured above) appeared, as did local drag queen Paris Hyatt. At 6 PM that party ended, and all of the guests who had purchased VIP tickets were treated to a closing cocktail party at a private penthouse apartment, this one with a view of the San Diego International Airport and the Pacific Ocean. At 9 PM it was all over, and it appears to have been a huge success. San Diego is not normally known as a circuit town, but hopefully this event will change that. However, there are quite a few porn stars that live in San Diego, and I was a little bit surprised that I didn't see more there. For example, Tyler Riggz, Ashton Ryan, and Parker Williams all live there and didn't attend any of the events (maybe they were all out of town filming somewhere). I hope that next year they do this again! You can bet that if they do, JUB will be there to give you all the lowdown!

By Angel of does The Crucible 2007

angel and his man.
angle is Editor and Chief of

"Crucible" Weekend by

I made my way to San Diego over the weekend to host the pre-party for The Crucible, a three-day marine/porn event with parties that literally never stopped.
The "newsworthy" items of what went down over the weekend are here on the "News Desk."
A more personal account of my weekend in San Diego hanging with the boys and getting to know all the people involved in the event can be read in the "Diary".
So without further ado, here are the "newsworthy" highlights:
- was thrown by Steve Pena and his business partner, Nicholas di Simas. Pena and his boyfriend, gay porn superstar Brent Everett, are staples of the San Diego club scene, hosting successful events on a regular basis but never an affair quite this large and certainly never a weekend-long party.
- Steve Pena also happens to be Mr. Gay San Diego and is now in the running for the statewide competition. You have a couple more days to vote for him here: (...Please go do so as a favor to me!)
- There was a bit of a mishap in the scheduling for the pre-party. They booked it for Bourbon Street at 6:00 pm and it took me a good fifteen minutes of looking around the bar before I realized everyone in there was a girl who looked more masculine than most of the men I've fucked. It was lesbian night. And here I was getting ready to interview half-naked men and giveaway gay porn. Lovely. All very Kathy Griffin.
- I was called a few minutes later and told that we were going to "hold off" on the pre-party festivities and have dinner next door first. Before bolting the bar, I greeted the four people there to actually see me and told them I would be back. Believe it or not, they actually stayed. More on that later.
- Brent and Steve are sporting engagement rings at the moment with a wedding set for the summer of 2008. It turns out, they met while Steve was stationed on base. Brent snuck into the barracks and stayed with him for four days. Needless to say, it was love at first... well, something. Regardless, they seem very much in love and genuinely the best of friends.
- We finally did a very short and sweet show at Bourbon Street around 8:30 pm where the hottest of the hot, drag queen Chad Michaels performed along with a live performance from singer Amuka and an interview with gay porn star Brent Everett. ...All for a crowd of lesbians and the four people who came to see me. I could do nothing but get up there and shout, "Scream if you love VAGINAAAAAA!"
- Unfortunately, after the big to do I made in my column, it turns out the other Brent -- Brent Corrigan -- was unable to come to my pre-party. Director Dink Flamingo had asked me if I needed product to giveaway and since his movies are all military themed and happen to be the hottest I've ever seen, of course I jumped at the opportunity. And when Dink told me he would be having Brent Corrigan bring them over in person, I jumped even higher to know that he would be making an impromptu appearance at my event. ... None of us, however, took into account that for the next few days Brent is still only 20 years old. And if you think there's any doorman, bouncer or security guard in the entire city of San Diego who doesn't already know that, let me correct that little misnomer.
- MTV was following Brent and Steve around for a documentary all evening. It made it very difficult for anyone to speak to them and even more difficult for them to get things done, but fortuntaely Nicholas had everything under control and the evening went off as planned with a line down the block to get in the place to see Corrigan, Amuka, Flava and more.
- Corrigan also didn't get to perform for very long at Rich's. By the time he decided to get up and do his set, an announcer came on and started introducing a live performance from Amuka. Corrigan bolted. But certainly made the most of his time on stage and was flocked by boys for the rest of the night. The highlight for me though was some guy randomly running up to him and saying, "I totally thought you were Zack Effron, dude!" ... Yes. Zack Effron. Running around club Rich's. ...In a jock strap. That'll happen soon.
I also attended the house party the next day as it was winding down and saw the circuit party at Club Montage where Brent Everett did a live performance on stage. For more on these events and a personal retelling of my weekend in San Diego getting to know Brent, Steve and the gang, check out the upcoming "Diary" entry.
In all, Steve, Nicholas and Brent really pulled it off. It was an incredible weekend and while probably stressful for all of them, somehow very fun for all of us performers involved! I can't wait to have Brent Everett on some of my shows in early November. Look for an announcement about that in the coming days.

USA Mr. Gay 2007 is Mr. Gay San Francisco by

By Angel of Editor in Chief of JUSTUSBOYS.COM

Last night JT Taylor (aka Mr. Gay San Francisco) was crowned USA Mr. Gay 2007 in a ceremony at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California. The event was hosted by openly gay actor/comedian Alec Mapa. He made quite a few side-splitting comments with my personal favorite being "Fucking Nicole Richie must be like fucking a bamboo wind chime from Pier One." After all of the contestants were introduced on the stage, gossip columnists Billy Masters and Tony Miros gave out the Mr. Popular award to the winner of the online voting. The winner of Mr. Popular was Mr. Gay San Diego, Steve Pena (familiar to readers of this column as being the boyfriend of porn pup Brent Everett). What was hilarious was that Billy came out onstage in a silver minidress with thigh-high gogo boots, explaining that when he was told to be at the Fonda Theatre that he thought of Jane Fonda, and decided to dress up as Barbarella. When Tony explained to him that it was the HENRY Fonda theatre, he put on an old fedora and said, "Voila! Now, I'm Henry Fonda." The audience thought it was hilarious. The contestants had absolutely NO idea who any of the Fondas were, bless their hearts. After a group dance number to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" (yes folks the show was really THAT gay), in a rose ceremony reminiscient of the TV series The Bachelor Mr. Congeniality was awarded to Mr. Gay Chicago, Shar DeVon Date. Then eliminations were made and the top ten finalists were announced. Shockingly enough both Steve Pena and porn star Christian Owen were eliminated. (I wouldn't feel too bad for Christian though, at the afterparty it was quite obvious that sparks were flying between him and Mr. Gay Long Beach. So I guess he ended up with a prize after all.) After a round of interview questions and all of the contestants returning for a walk of the stage in their swimsuits, the winner was announced. Despite Mr. Gay Salt Lake City being an obvious audience favorite, Mr. Gay San Francisco took the prize, with Mr. Gay Green Bay being first runner-up and Mr. Gay Birmingham taking second runner-up. The International Mr. Gay competition will be held in January at the same location.

My Weekend In San Diego by Jason

My Weekend In San Diego
I took to San Diego last weekend to host the pre-party for a three-day event called The Crucible. I'm not sure if we were fighting for Don't Ask, Don't Tell or fighting against it. (I think I'm for it. ;-) ) But regardless, it was a weekend of military men and gay porn stars so hell, it seemed right up my alley. Naturally, when I was contacted by Brent Everett's main man, Steve Pena and his business partner, Nicholas Di Simas to come out and be a part of it, I jumped at the opportunity. I had never met Brent Everett and he has been the #1 most downloaded porn star on my site for the past two years in a row.

I was put up at a kick ass hotel called Park Manor Suites. (There was a piano bar attached to the building. Naturally, I loved it!) I was given a room the size of a freaking apartment, full kitchen and dining area, with a box of chocolates from Steve and Nicholas waiting on the table for me to boot! Clearly, these two knew their shit from the get go, enough to know that the way to a stellar performance is to treat your talent like royalty. I felt very "taken care of" by Steve and Nicholas throughout the weekend, moreso than any event or people I've worked with this year so far. They get the prize for best caretakers! (Now if I had done an event with Brandon Baker this year, it would've probably been him, so don't take offense Brandon. You just need to book my ass more often! LOL)

At dinner, I met a gaggle of people whose names I can't recall (I'm really bad with that!) except for our "security" for the evening, a hot ass marine named Josh who was tall and muscular and straight. I proceeded to tease the fuck out of him the entire weekend and promised him next time I would come back with some hot porn pussy for him. The girls would seriously cream over him. He's the one in the pic with the drag queen who looks a lil like Star Jones in the photo gallery from this weekend over on the "News Desk." Yeh, he was pretty kick ass and took the teasing well. ...But no, not that well.

That dinner is also where I met Brent Everett for the first time. I have to tell you, between he and Steve, I have rarely met such humble and grateful people in the porn business. Everett couldn't stop thanking me for all the press I'd given him over the years, sending traffic to his sites, giving him great reviews, etc. It was clear he'd studied up and read nearly everything I'd ever written about him. It was beyond flattering and might've even gotten me a little hard. I told him he had to stop thanking me and that with him being the most downloaded porn star on my site for two years in a row, I felt like I owed HIM a tremendous load of thanks. Maybe even some money, right?!

We went from my pre-party at Bourbon Street to Brent and Steve's pad (they have a freaking gorgeous house!) to Rich's for the evening's main event, all by limo where we proceeded to get completely shit faced off of everything from peach champagne to vodka and Squirt cocktails. I also got to know Brent a little better there. He confessed that he was terrified of meeting me in person, thinking I was going to get in his face and grill him with questions the second I saw him and for the duration of the weekend. I laughed and hugged him and told him that these are only things I would do in an interview, not over dinner or hanging out behind the scenes. As soon as his mind was set at ease, we ended up bonding and sharing quite a bit with each other. He is so much fun to be around and is actually quite shy and reserved behind the scenes. And fortunately, found everything that came out of my mouth to be utterly hilarious. Which, any comedian will tell you, immediately made him my new best friend.

It will never cease to amaze me how many people actually know of me the second I go outside of Los Angeles County. I had a few people come up to me at the club and tell me how much they love the site and a few who even cited my most recent "Diary" entry and how it affected them. This seems to happen everywhere except the city I live in where, since people see mainstream celebrities on a regular basis and gay porn stars at the gym every day, they could give two shits about spotting Jason Sechrest on a dance floor. If I lived in Kansas, I'd be a fucking rich man!

Angel Benton arrived later in the evening with our mutual friend, Cameron, who I had not seen in years. It was so good hanging out with him for the weekend and his presence, friendship and warmth really enhanced the experience for me. He is such a sweet guy! ...When he wants to be. ;-)

I managed to snag both Angel and Cameron all access VIP passes to everything for the weekend so he could cover it for Just Us Boys.

I opted not to go to the after hours party with them though. I headed back to my hotel and conked out pretty quickly after such a long day's driving and drinking. (Um... definitely not at the same time.)

The next day, I went to lunch with Angel and Cameron at a vegan cafe where Jayden Holloway works, whom we'd run into the night before at Rich's. Now anyone who knows me is well aware that health food is not my forte, but Angel had apparently promised Jayden that's where we'd be having lunch. I was considering stopping off for a Big Mac beforehand, but Angel had the bright idea to stop off at Rite-Aid and get us some vodka to pour into the cafe's fruit drinks.

Awesome idea!

He thought it would make Cameron and me easier to handle. ...He was wrong.

Cameron and I got plastered off of the strawberry-orange-ginger-Vodka drinks pretty quickly and became a little loud and obnoxious. We ordered a pizza that looked like beef jerky on a bed of lettuce and a pot roast that looked like a pizza. I hate vegan food, but I love Jayden Holloway.

I bolted to a nearby greek cafe for some saganaki and spanakopita immediately after exiting the joint.

The three of us then decided to stop by the house party that was going on, but arrived just as things were wrapping up. Fortunately, we were in time to run into Brent Corrigan and Grant Roy as they were leaving with one of their friends. It took me a few minutes before I realized the friend was Cameron Lane! We had spoken so many times online and it was so great to get to meet him in person. So adorable and well mannered!

Cameron and I finished what was left of the vodka at the house and played their grand piano. Who needs a crowd for a party anyway?

We ran back to our respective hotels where I slept and sobered up before hitting the night's main event at Club Montage where Brent Everett was performing. The venue and the party itself was amazing, but I couldn't stay up all night or drink there as I had to be back in West Hollywood the next day for my gig singing at Eleven Lounge. The smoke in there wasn't going to be doing my voice any good either.

I love to party! But I also know when to stop. I quietly slipped out.

I can't wait to hang out with Brent and Steve more though. They are cool peeps and I can't wait to get to know them better when they come to L.A. for some of my events in November.

For a full photo gallery and more "newsworthy" items from the weekend, visit the "News Desk."

Mr. Gay USA 2008 in Hollywood. By Oh la la blog

Tonight in Hollywood, Mr San Francisco have been elected Mr Gay USA 2008. Jonathan Taylor is a 27 years old medical school student with Italian-Irish heritage. He will compete in the Mr Gay International competition on January 20, 2008 also at the Music Box in Hollywood California. Tonight's show was hosted by the fa-bu-lous Alec Mapa that you have seen on Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.

So, I know it is useless to go back to the final decision but with all the respect to our judges, like they would say it, at the Eurovision Song Contest: Here are the results from the OhLaLa votes (Steph & Alek). Second runner-up: San Francisco (You see we would still keep him in the final 3 ;-) First runner-up: Mr Long Beach. That Andrew Christian's swimsuit was fitting him like a glove :-P Mr Long Beach aka Johan Zena, is going to be 23 on moday (happy birthday!!!) he is a prefect blend of Peruvian, Brazilian and Italian, and loves to spend time at the beach to swim and play volleyball.

And the OhLaLa winner of Mr Gay USA is ... *drumbs* .... Mr Salt lake City !!!!!!! The smile, the body, the tattoos ... we could not resist. Mr Salt Lake City aka Chris Vanover, is a 29 years old scorpio (hot!) student at the University of Utah who speaks elementary French (That will do ;-) He is 6'2 (188cm) 186 lbs (86kgs) of muscles and "shoe" size 11" :-P He loves football, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, painting, art history (he would so love Paris).

In the audience the famous Brent Everett (don't pretend you never saw him before ;-) was here to suppor his partner Mr San Diego aka Steve Pena a very caliente former Navy Corpsman.

So see you in January for the International Mr Gay Competition in Hollywood California ;-)

Read blog at oh la la paris

The 2008 Mr. Gay USA Contestants Music Video

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The Crucible: Day 2 Article from's Angel Benton about "The Crucible 2007"

Article by Angel, editor and chief of

Saturday was day 2 of the big Crucible circuit event in San Diego. The first party was an afternoon T-Dance called Military Corps Showers, and it was at a hillside private estate that overlooked the city. Spinning tunes poolside, next to the gorgeous view, was DJ Shane Stiel. OK now SERIOUSLY, YET ANOTHER HOT DJ! Wow. Attending the party were Brent Everett and his boyfriend Steve Pena (who is producing the weekend-long event), Brent Corrigan and his boyfriend Grant Roy, and Cameron Lane. Then, when that party was over and a few hours had passed, the main event for the weekend, the one-year anniversary of Military Madness Night at Club Montage. DJ Tony Moran was behind the wheels of steel, and at 2 AM guests were treated to a performance by recording artist Danielle Bollinger (yes, just like the champagne) who sang some of her hits, like "Kiss The Sky." Then, Brent Everett himself came out and did a striptease in the cutest little sailor outfit that I have ever seen! Also MTV was following around filming and interviewing Brent Everett and Steve still. Word spread like wildfire that none other than Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson was also in the crowd having a great time, but I didn't see her personally. Sunday is the last day of the Crucible, and I will be there and give you the full report after the events are over.
Gay Culture

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The "Not" So Foam Party.

The "Not" So Foam Party.

To Everyone that came to the Prison Break Party last night...

We apologize for what occurred last night. The foam machine was not set up in time for a "Foam Party" guys. A month ago we realized that due to a conflict in contractual dates with another promoter, (Club Papi) we could not honor the "Foam" event. Club Papi already had the night till 4 a.m. Luckily, We were able to get Club Papi to give the club to us by 2:30 a.m, but there was no way the venue could be set and fixed in time for a foam party. The soonest the club could be ready for a "foam" party was by 4:00 a.m. So, with that in mind we realized that it was just best to just not do the foam party. It didn't make sense to make people wait outside for 2 hours.

So over a 6 weeks ago, we had all promotional material changed to state just: "Prison Break Party". It no longer mention "foam".

All we can say is that if you were with us at RICH's for the "Brig" event, you know that we were not kidding when we said this thing would be amazing. The music was awesome, Amuka was off the hook and FLAVA was phenomenal!!!! The place was packed and the boys looked sexy as ever. Brent Corrigan was super hot in his black undies and everyone in there was hot as hell!

So please, don't let one hiccup define the night. We still have 4 more events. We hope you join us for them.

If you still have some questions, comments or concerns, please make them here:


Steve Pena & Nick de Simas

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


(SAN DIEGO, CA) -- What do you get when you mix gay porn stars with drag queens and real life marines? A party that lasts three days! This weekend, the city of San Diego will welcome "The Crucible," a weekend-long bash to bring together the gay marines fighting against the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for three days, six events and one unforgettable weekend!

It all begins this Friday, October 19th at 6:00 pm with a launch party hosted by JASON SECHREST of at Bourbon Street in San Diego. SECHREST will be bringing free porn giveaways for the audience as they spend happy hour with the local marine studs, enjoy performances by drag queens like CHAD MICHAELS of the "Dreamgirls Revue" and Cher's "E!'s True Hollywood Story" fame, plus a live interview and meet/greet with's #1 Most Popular Porn Star for two consecutive years in a row, gay adult film superstar BRENT EVERETT.

"You're never going to believe this," says SECHREST, "but I've actually never met BRENT EVERETT, so this is going to be quite an occasion that I'm really looking forward to! He has managed to completely capture the hearts of my site's readers by being the most downloaded boy on for two years now... and I've never even interviewed him! Naturally, I have a lot to ask and I'm sure the audience does too. ... I'm also a longtime fan of CHAD MICHAELS, having had my porn show be the opening act for his "Dreamgirls Revue" in West Hollywood a while back. ...And then there is, of course, that marine orgy I'll be hosting in the bathroom all by myself. Stall #2. So I'd say it's going to be a damned good time!"

SECHREST will also be attending Friday night's main event "The Brig" at RICH's featuring a performance from porn star BRENT CORRIGAN and Saturday night's spectacular "Military Madness" at Club Montage featuring a performance from BRENT EVERETT himself! SECHREST's interviews and coverage of the weekend will be edited into a special edition of his show, "Adult Undercover," as well as exclusive reports in his daily porn gossip and news blog, "Jason's News Desk" at

For VIP Tickets and a listing of all the weekend's hot events, visit circuiticket or


JASON SECHREST is not a porn star... he's just made a living off interviewing them for nearly a decade! One of many jobs actually, as the ambitious Sechrest has been a working actor and host since he moved to Los Angeles the day after graduating high school in 1998, working for everyone from MTV and The TV Guide Channel to Playboy. Since his turn starring as a straight, stoner frat bro in the legendary director Roger Corman's "The Legacy," the rising star has gone on to become a regular reporter of the Time/Warner gay cable network, Q Television, and was awarded The 2006 Orange County Theater Award for his role in the hit stage comedy, "The Eight." Most recently, Sechrest is featured along with fellow comedians Margaret Cho, Edie McClurg and Penn Jillette in the new film, "Phone Sex." His work as "The Oprah of Porn" (Unzipped Magazine, 2005) continues to thrive, named one of the "50 Most Powerful People in Porn" alongside the likes of Hugh Heffner and Larry Flynt by mainstream publication, ARENA Magazine. Currently, Sechrest hosts two Los Angeles based weekly porn events (Here Lounge and MJ's Bar) and an award-winning live web talk show at His own site,, is billed as a way to live vicariously through the boy who knows every porn star you've ever wanted to sleep with. He is also one of the featured singers performing every Friday night at the gay piano bar, The Other Side, in Los Angeles. Having successfully made a name for himself as adult entertainment's first tycoon of talk, Sechrest continues proving his talents as a mainstream actor and host.

8205 Santa Monica Blvd. #1-175, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone/Fax: (323) 650-1952 AOL IM: JasonSechrest

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The Crucible 2007

The line up for The Crucible is like no other event going on right now or ever. We've got it all. DJ's, Singers, Dancers, Drag Queens, and hot military boys/girls and more. You do not want to miss this!

Get your tickets at

Brent Everett's Site is NEW and Relauched!

Finally, after some headaches and stress, the new and improved BRENT EVERETT Site is up and running and thank god! Check it out and I know this hot fucker can't wait to see you on his live webcam show.

brent everett

Tony Moran will be mixing Tribal for San Diego's Finest!

New Yorks hottest DJ will be coming to San Diego for Saturday's Main "EVENT" and this one will be the one you CANNOT MISS! He's awesome, he's hot, he's the DJ that has spun at every major event you can. This will be the first CRUCIBLE and we welcome TONY MORAN for the inaugural event!

The Divas for The Crucible Weekend

San Diego will not only have the hottest DJ's, Singers and porn stars, but the DIVAS that wear wigs will be kicking some ass as well!

This event will have it all, and we aim to please all. More to come!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bourbon Street/Lei & Urban Mo's come Onboard for The Crucible

The great guys both at Mo's and Lei/Bourbon will be joining in on the mega weekend for OCT for The Crucible. Details are still be layed out but we are happy and excited that both amazing establishments will take part on this amazing event! More details out soon!

The Crucible Teaser Trailers

Watch the Teaser Trailers for the Upcoming Crucible Event this OCT 19-21, 2007 in San Diego CA.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The Crucible! It's Almost here!

The Crucible
a 3 day event presented to you by Steve Pena Productions & N. de Simas Entertainment

"THE EVENT" you've been waiting for is finally here! Rediscover San Diego's hottest night spots and party with all of the men & women that are never recognized as true Heros of our armed forces. The Gay & Lesbian Military Personnel. Help us honor them as we throw the hottest 3 day party event for all those who serve, have served or just love a man in uniform. A portion of the proceeds will benefit SLDN in helping fight & lift the ban on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

It's the ONLY party of it's kind world wide and also the one that isn't afraid to say "We don't ask, We don't Tell, We don't Care"!

TICKETS GO ON SALE Tuesday Sept 4th

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Military Madness Night is Back! Come out to Montage in San Diego for a wild wild Nite!

San Diego will have it's fill of Porn this coming weekend. 1st, Chi Chi larue will be DJ'ing at Bacchus house. She's the queen of all porn. Director, Producer and DJ extrodinare. That's the big event going up against MMN. My event.
We have & sponsoring my event. We will be releasing a new movie called "Hollywood Marine" and the entire cast will be present on Saturday at club montage.
We have DJ Josh Peace from LA coming down to rock the house and Miss Justice Paige will MC. We'll have dancers from ACtiveduty and Dirtybird. LOTS OF MILITARY boys!

Hope to see you there.

Going to Washington DC

Brent Everett and Steve Pena will be in DC at the end of Sept for a weekend that will have 2 really hot Porn Stars. Luckily, Brent lives here in SD;-) We see him all the time

Thursday, June 21, 2007

DJ Shane Stiel rocked Military Madness Night!!!!

DJ Shane Stiel will be coming back to spin for Military Madness Night when the party starts again in a few months. Stiel packed the house and kept everyone on the dance floor till wee hours in the morning. MMN looks forwards to his energy and style, one soon to be making more headlines for San Diego and beyond.

Ms. Morgan "Love Dominates" MMN! w/ Video

Love Dominates performed by Ms. Morgan @ Military Madness Night

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Videos of Crystal Waters LIVE @ LA PRIDE for "RAW"

"Party in da Ghetto" LIVE (SHOW OPENER)

"My Time" LIVE

"Destination Unknown" LIVE

"Gypsy Woman (she's homeless)" LIVE

"100% Pure Love" LIVE (CLOSER OF SHOW)



Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crystal Waters Headlines "RAW" @ LA PRIDE Saturday JUNE 9th

Crytal Waters Headlines the Steve Pena Productions/Jeffrey Sanker Special Event in LA June 9th for RAW @ The Factory Night club in the heart of West Hollywood. The party goes from 9pm till 5am.

Address: 652 N. La Peer Dr West Hollywood and

Advance Tickets are $30 online at or at the LA Sport Club

Crystal Waters' Video "My Time"

Crystal Waters' Video "100% Pure Love"

Crystal Waters' Video "Destination Unknown"

Crystal Waters' LIVE singing "Destination Unknown"

Kim English & Zhana Sanders bring performances San Diego will never forget!

Chicago-based house vocalist Kim English has scored several hit singles in both the US and UK club/dance charts, including her first single "Nite Life," on which she collaboarated with former Ten City members Byron Burke and Byron Stingily. Remixes by Armand Van Helden and Masters At Work secured her reputation as a sensual yet spiritual singer, and singles such as "I Know a Place" and "Time For Love" both reached the top 40 of the UK's pop chart. Her albums for Nervous Records, which include Learn 2 Love, Higher Things and 2000's Re-Energized, found her working with other house luminaries such as Junior Vasquez, Razor N Guido, Wamdue Project, Boris & Beck and many others. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide
Video Below: Kim English@ MMN

"Zhana Sanders"
Zhana began her career as a trained classical dancer, eventually landing her first professional gigs doing backup dancing for various recording artists. This was followed with an opportunity to sing background vocals on work with various major recording artists, session work on commercials and beyond. Also a well rounded songwriter, Zhana was eventually approached by producers who began developing projects for her as a solo artist. Zhana's club hits as a solo artist include Body Fly, Love Dominates and the chart topping smash Alegria (produced by Tony Moran).

Now a well respected and sought after dance artist in her own right, Zhana says "I have always loved a variety of music, however I dont feel that as an artist I should be limited to mastering one aspect of my talent. Dance music is what allows me to dance and carry on and use the dance training that made me who I am today." When it comes to music, Zhana is known as an artist that teaches, touches and simply makes the soul feel good. Live performances by Zhana include choreographed dancers and beautiful costuming bringing alive her music on stage at clubs around the world, from New York to Rio. So travel inside her world and allow Zhana to share her personal story and passions all set to music. Video Below: Zhana @ MMN

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brent Everett Headlines with Crystal Waters Sat June 9th @ RAW (LA PRIDE 2007)

Brent Everett is a Canadian gay pornographic model. He has appeared in pornographic films for a variety of studios in the United States.

Everett is one of the most sought-after young male porn stars of the early 2000s. Since his first performances in early 2003, Everett has been in over fourteen productions for a wide range of studios.

In his early work Brent was classified by studios as a twink; however, more recently he has become too muscular to comfortably fit within this term.

Everett has not signed as an "exclusive" for any of the major porn studios, as a lot of other actors have. This has allowed him to switch from one major porn company to the next. He appeared as the centerfold model in Freshmen magazine's September 2003 issue also winning the title "Freshmen Of The Year", and has had a lot of appearances as a model in Playguy magazine.

To further extend his career in porn, Everett opened his own subscription website in late 2004, ( offering video streams, image downloads, live web cam shows, and an online shop. Live web cam shows are available for playback at a later date, and in many of these, Brent uses his spit to lubricate himself. In addition, he set up his own distribution company under the name of Triple X Studios for which he stars in and directs movies.

In August 2006, Channel 1 Releasing announced that Everett will appear in three new movies for Chi Chi LaRue: Sized Up, Starting Young, and Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3

In 2007 his starring role in the DVD "Sized Up" was nominated at the GayVN Awards.

Also look out this year for changes to his personal website It will be re-launched with major additions and features. Video of Brent Everett @ Military Madness Night BELOW.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Super Sexy DJ Joe Gauthreaux commands the floor for "RAW" @ LA Pride

Every time he steps into the DJ booth, Gauthreaux forges a path through a diverse musical landscape, guiding throngs of party-goers through peaks and valleys of soulful funk, progressive rhythms, tribal drums, disco house, and melodic, driving trance. Gauthreaux has made the trip countless times, though he never takes the same road twice; each outing behind the turntables represents an excursion into uncharted territory, and those of us on his dance floor trust Gauthreaux's keen instincts.

It's a consistency the disc jockey attributes to thorough preparation. Gauthreaux regularly spends dozens of hours every week meticulously scouring (online) record shop shelves for the latest cutting-edge tracks and poring through (virtual) record bins for rare, overlooked classics. His tastes reach far and wide, making him one of the most versatile DJs on the scene today.

But the journey of Joe Gauthreaux goes far beyond his stewardship in the booth; for Gauthreaux, life is a journey, and, much like his DJ sets, it is intriguing, emotional, and unpredictable.

Gauthreaux debuted on the decks in 1996, quickly earning the respect of his peers after garnering resident status at New Orleans hot spot Oz. His all-encompassing sets soon caught the attention of out-of-towners, and it was only a matter of time before Gauthreaux was being imported by clubs across the U.S., in addition to international venues throughout Canada and beyond. The incomparable versatility of his sound immediately endeared him to the circuit culture where he remains a top draw, spinning high profile events such as Black & Blue in Montreal, Cherry in D.C. and Toronto Gay Pride, just to name a few. In 2002, his skyrocketing prominence in the scene prompted Centaur Records to offer Gauthreaux his first CD compilation, Party Groove: Blue Ball, and his high profile led to his ongoing tenure as a reporter for Billboard Magazine.

In 2003, Gauthreaux found himself at a crossroads: He had reached his full potential in New Orleans, and New Yorks thriving DJ culture seemed ripe with opportunity. But nothing is guaranteed in the Big Apple, and relocating would mean sacrificing all he had worked for in the Big Easy. Nonetheless, Gauthreaux selected the road less traveledand it proved a wise choice. Within a few years, he was playing at esteemed locales such as Lotus, Spirit, Roxy, Avalon, Pacha, and Fire Islands iconic Pavilion. Of course, his journeys abroad continue thanks to his regular appearances in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, as well as Parade in his native New Orleans and SBNY in his present home of New York City.

And so Gauthreaux continues onward, traveling the world and delving into new, unexplored musical terrain. Its anybodys guess where his journey will lead, but if Joe Gauthreaux's life is anything like his DJ sets, its sure to be one hell of a trip. Video of Joe Below:

Crystal Waters Headlines "RAW" @ LA PRIDE Saturday JUNE 9th

"Gypsy Woman" became a worldwide hit, memorable for it's la da dee la dee da refrainBillboard Hot 100, found even more success in Europe, and reaching #2 on The UK Singles Chart. The track was also parodied in the memorable sketch "My Songs Are Mindless" (Performed by Kim Wayans) on the television series In Living Color in 1991. Wayans skewered the songs simple rhythm and melody by singing "There goes Fred Flinstone. I got a song there, got another song there: Yabba Dabba Doo Yabba Dabba Da, Yabba Dabba Doo Yabba Dabba Da...". The clip from the comedy show would sometimes show up mixed into Water's own composition at Gay clubs with video screens. Despite all the humorous jabs (and some serious derision as well), the song seems destined to be one of the imnmortal House Music hits. Scarcely a year after its release, a new version turned up on the "Red Hot + Dance" AIDS fundraiser disc (1992, distributed by Sony Music), getting its remixer (Joey Negro) his first real taste of American exposure. and often sampled keyboard riff. The track reached #8 on the

Despite some additional contributions by remixer Steve "Silk" Hurley, Waters' next releases were promoted only in the dance music markets, but she made an unexpected comeback in 1994 when "100% Pure Love" hit #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the longest charting singles on the Hot 100 at 45 weeks ("Gypsy Woman" remained on the chart for an average 16 weeks).

Her 1997 self-titled album included another Top 40 US hit, "Say...If You Feel Alright," but mainstream success in the US has since eluded her. However, Waters remains successful on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with recent hits like "Come On Down" and "My Time." (Both of which went #1 US dance, the latter making top 40 in the UK). "Gypsy Woman's" keyboard-chord was recently sampled on rapper T.I.'s 2006 mega-hit "Why You Wanna". Waters performed at various gay pride events across the US in 2006.

In 2007 her track "Destination Calabria" hit the Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart. Waters is rumoured to be working on new material. Crystal Waters Headlines for Steve Pena Productions, promoter for the very popular "Military Madness Night", and Jeffrey Sanker in LA for "RAW" Saturday June 9th for LA PRIDE 2007. Video BELOW.

Steve Pena Productions goes to LA with Jeffrey Sanker @ LA PRIDE!