Saturday, October 20, 2007

The "Not" So Foam Party.

The "Not" So Foam Party.

To Everyone that came to the Prison Break Party last night...

We apologize for what occurred last night. The foam machine was not set up in time for a "Foam Party" guys. A month ago we realized that due to a conflict in contractual dates with another promoter, (Club Papi) we could not honor the "Foam" event. Club Papi already had the night till 4 a.m. Luckily, We were able to get Club Papi to give the club to us by 2:30 a.m, but there was no way the venue could be set and fixed in time for a foam party. The soonest the club could be ready for a "foam" party was by 4:00 a.m. So, with that in mind we realized that it was just best to just not do the foam party. It didn't make sense to make people wait outside for 2 hours.

So over a 6 weeks ago, we had all promotional material changed to state just: "Prison Break Party". It no longer mention "foam".

All we can say is that if you were with us at RICH's for the "Brig" event, you know that we were not kidding when we said this thing would be amazing. The music was awesome, Amuka was off the hook and FLAVA was phenomenal!!!! The place was packed and the boys looked sexy as ever. Brent Corrigan was super hot in his black undies and everyone in there was hot as hell!

So please, don't let one hiccup define the night. We still have 4 more events. We hope you join us for them.

If you still have some questions, comments or concerns, please make them here:


Steve Pena & Nick de Simas

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