Monday, October 29, 2007

Mr. Gay USA 2008 in Hollywood. By Oh la la blog

Tonight in Hollywood, Mr San Francisco have been elected Mr Gay USA 2008. Jonathan Taylor is a 27 years old medical school student with Italian-Irish heritage. He will compete in the Mr Gay International competition on January 20, 2008 also at the Music Box in Hollywood California. Tonight's show was hosted by the fa-bu-lous Alec Mapa that you have seen on Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.

So, I know it is useless to go back to the final decision but with all the respect to our judges, like they would say it, at the Eurovision Song Contest: Here are the results from the OhLaLa votes (Steph & Alek). Second runner-up: San Francisco (You see we would still keep him in the final 3 ;-) First runner-up: Mr Long Beach. That Andrew Christian's swimsuit was fitting him like a glove :-P Mr Long Beach aka Johan Zena, is going to be 23 on moday (happy birthday!!!) he is a prefect blend of Peruvian, Brazilian and Italian, and loves to spend time at the beach to swim and play volleyball.

And the OhLaLa winner of Mr Gay USA is ... *drumbs* .... Mr Salt lake City !!!!!!! The smile, the body, the tattoos ... we could not resist. Mr Salt Lake City aka Chris Vanover, is a 29 years old scorpio (hot!) student at the University of Utah who speaks elementary French (That will do ;-) He is 6'2 (188cm) 186 lbs (86kgs) of muscles and "shoe" size 11" :-P He loves football, snowboarding, surfing, yoga, painting, art history (he would so love Paris).

In the audience the famous Brent Everett (don't pretend you never saw him before ;-) was here to suppor his partner Mr San Diego aka Steve Pena a very caliente former Navy Corpsman.

So see you in January for the International Mr Gay Competition in Hollywood California ;-)

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