Monday, October 29, 2007

The Crucible: Day 3 by

Sunday was the last day of events in San Diego for the Crucible circuit party. Casting a haze over the final day (literally) was a cloud of smoke. That day no fewer than ELEVEN wildfires (most of which were in San Diego County) were started in Southern California, turning the sky a murky brown. The first event was called the Hazing Party and was at a rooftop restaurant (the Top Of The Park) atop the Park Manor Hotel. DJ Taj spun while guests danced and drank and enjoyed a 360 degree view of the city of San Diego. The Brents took the day off, but both of their boyfriends (Grant Roy and Steve Pena, pictured above) appeared, as did local drag queen Paris Hyatt. At 6 PM that party ended, and all of the guests who had purchased VIP tickets were treated to a closing cocktail party at a private penthouse apartment, this one with a view of the San Diego International Airport and the Pacific Ocean. At 9 PM it was all over, and it appears to have been a huge success. San Diego is not normally known as a circuit town, but hopefully this event will change that. However, there are quite a few porn stars that live in San Diego, and I was a little bit surprised that I didn't see more there. For example, Tyler Riggz, Ashton Ryan, and Parker Williams all live there and didn't attend any of the events (maybe they were all out of town filming somewhere). I hope that next year they do this again! You can bet that if they do, JUB will be there to give you all the lowdown!

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