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My Weekend In San Diego by Jason

My Weekend In San Diego
I took to San Diego last weekend to host the pre-party for a three-day event called The Crucible. I'm not sure if we were fighting for Don't Ask, Don't Tell or fighting against it. (I think I'm for it. ;-) ) But regardless, it was a weekend of military men and gay porn stars so hell, it seemed right up my alley. Naturally, when I was contacted by Brent Everett's main man, Steve Pena and his business partner, Nicholas Di Simas to come out and be a part of it, I jumped at the opportunity. I had never met Brent Everett and he has been the #1 most downloaded porn star on my site for the past two years in a row.

I was put up at a kick ass hotel called Park Manor Suites. (There was a piano bar attached to the building. Naturally, I loved it!) I was given a room the size of a freaking apartment, full kitchen and dining area, with a box of chocolates from Steve and Nicholas waiting on the table for me to boot! Clearly, these two knew their shit from the get go, enough to know that the way to a stellar performance is to treat your talent like royalty. I felt very "taken care of" by Steve and Nicholas throughout the weekend, moreso than any event or people I've worked with this year so far. They get the prize for best caretakers! (Now if I had done an event with Brandon Baker this year, it would've probably been him, so don't take offense Brandon. You just need to book my ass more often! LOL)

At dinner, I met a gaggle of people whose names I can't recall (I'm really bad with that!) except for our "security" for the evening, a hot ass marine named Josh who was tall and muscular and straight. I proceeded to tease the fuck out of him the entire weekend and promised him next time I would come back with some hot porn pussy for him. The girls would seriously cream over him. He's the one in the pic with the drag queen who looks a lil like Star Jones in the photo gallery from this weekend over on the "News Desk." Yeh, he was pretty kick ass and took the teasing well. ...But no, not that well.

That dinner is also where I met Brent Everett for the first time. I have to tell you, between he and Steve, I have rarely met such humble and grateful people in the porn business. Everett couldn't stop thanking me for all the press I'd given him over the years, sending traffic to his sites, giving him great reviews, etc. It was clear he'd studied up and read nearly everything I'd ever written about him. It was beyond flattering and might've even gotten me a little hard. I told him he had to stop thanking me and that with him being the most downloaded porn star on my site for two years in a row, I felt like I owed HIM a tremendous load of thanks. Maybe even some money, right?!

We went from my pre-party at Bourbon Street to Brent and Steve's pad (they have a freaking gorgeous house!) to Rich's for the evening's main event, all by limo where we proceeded to get completely shit faced off of everything from peach champagne to vodka and Squirt cocktails. I also got to know Brent a little better there. He confessed that he was terrified of meeting me in person, thinking I was going to get in his face and grill him with questions the second I saw him and for the duration of the weekend. I laughed and hugged him and told him that these are only things I would do in an interview, not over dinner or hanging out behind the scenes. As soon as his mind was set at ease, we ended up bonding and sharing quite a bit with each other. He is so much fun to be around and is actually quite shy and reserved behind the scenes. And fortunately, found everything that came out of my mouth to be utterly hilarious. Which, any comedian will tell you, immediately made him my new best friend.

It will never cease to amaze me how many people actually know of me the second I go outside of Los Angeles County. I had a few people come up to me at the club and tell me how much they love the site and a few who even cited my most recent "Diary" entry and how it affected them. This seems to happen everywhere except the city I live in where, since people see mainstream celebrities on a regular basis and gay porn stars at the gym every day, they could give two shits about spotting Jason Sechrest on a dance floor. If I lived in Kansas, I'd be a fucking rich man!

Angel Benton arrived later in the evening with our mutual friend, Cameron, who I had not seen in years. It was so good hanging out with him for the weekend and his presence, friendship and warmth really enhanced the experience for me. He is such a sweet guy! ...When he wants to be. ;-)

I managed to snag both Angel and Cameron all access VIP passes to everything for the weekend so he could cover it for Just Us Boys.

I opted not to go to the after hours party with them though. I headed back to my hotel and conked out pretty quickly after such a long day's driving and drinking. (Um... definitely not at the same time.)

The next day, I went to lunch with Angel and Cameron at a vegan cafe where Jayden Holloway works, whom we'd run into the night before at Rich's. Now anyone who knows me is well aware that health food is not my forte, but Angel had apparently promised Jayden that's where we'd be having lunch. I was considering stopping off for a Big Mac beforehand, but Angel had the bright idea to stop off at Rite-Aid and get us some vodka to pour into the cafe's fruit drinks.

Awesome idea!

He thought it would make Cameron and me easier to handle. ...He was wrong.

Cameron and I got plastered off of the strawberry-orange-ginger-Vodka drinks pretty quickly and became a little loud and obnoxious. We ordered a pizza that looked like beef jerky on a bed of lettuce and a pot roast that looked like a pizza. I hate vegan food, but I love Jayden Holloway.

I bolted to a nearby greek cafe for some saganaki and spanakopita immediately after exiting the joint.

The three of us then decided to stop by the house party that was going on, but arrived just as things were wrapping up. Fortunately, we were in time to run into Brent Corrigan and Grant Roy as they were leaving with one of their friends. It took me a few minutes before I realized the friend was Cameron Lane! We had spoken so many times online and it was so great to get to meet him in person. So adorable and well mannered!

Cameron and I finished what was left of the vodka at the house and played their grand piano. Who needs a crowd for a party anyway?

We ran back to our respective hotels where I slept and sobered up before hitting the night's main event at Club Montage where Brent Everett was performing. The venue and the party itself was amazing, but I couldn't stay up all night or drink there as I had to be back in West Hollywood the next day for my gig singing at Eleven Lounge. The smoke in there wasn't going to be doing my voice any good either.

I love to party! But I also know when to stop. I quietly slipped out.

I can't wait to hang out with Brent and Steve more though. They are cool peeps and I can't wait to get to know them better when they come to L.A. for some of my events in November.

For a full photo gallery and more "newsworthy" items from the weekend, visit the "News Desk."

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